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#HACKATHON: Compete, learn and make connections at EIT Health/European Health Forum Gastein hackathon

on 1. August 2018 - 11:14

Accelerator Programme Opportunity, Application Deadline: 06 Aug 2018

Innovators from around Europe are invited to apply for a spot in a 36-hour hackathon, in which teams seek to develop solutions for a healthcare problem, in a special side event co-organised by EIT Health to run in conjunction with the European Health Forum Gastein. Ideas that are hatched in the hackathon and are judged to be the best will share in €25 000 in prizes, and all participants will have a chance to learn, and network.

If you are a health professional, an IT expert, a business specialist, a lawyer, a designer or other – at any rate an open-minded, creative thinker who enjoys working under pressure in teams with the goal of arriving at a joint solution, we are looking for you!

The objective of the hackathon is to bring together 35 participants from different backgrounds from all over Europe to work in teams in order to arrive at an innovative solution to a well-defined healthcare problem within 36 hours. A hackathon nurtures competition built upon collaboration and aims for acquisition of knowledge, which is expected to bring forward new ideas. The hackathon will start on Tuesday afternoon, 2 October 2018, with a workshop composed of different experts who will define one to three issues within a topic-range for which they seek a solution. The proposed challenges will then be presented to hackathon participants who will start working immediately, while receiving guidance and input from different mentors throughout the process. At the end of the 36-hour period, the teams will have pitch presentations in front of an expert jury, with the three top teams presenting their solutions to the general audience during the Closing Plenary session of the European Health Forum Gastein on 5 October 2018. A jury prize and an audience prize will be awarded, with a total of €25 000 in prize money to be given out.


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