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Innovation Research Lab Exhibition (IRLE) 2018 at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany, 20th July 2018 - Call for participation for students, institutions and industries

on 14. Februar 2018 - 14:51

Innovation Research Lab at Central Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, is organizing its annual exhibition on 20th July 2018. Students, institutions and industries are welcomed to present their projects, portfolios and various participation possibilities in interactive stands. The best stands would be rated by all the guests in the categories: “Best student project award”, “Most innovative institute award” and “Most innovative industry / department award”

For the category of “Best student project award” a total prize of €5000 would be given to the top five winning teams. The best teams will be additionally offered Siemens Healthcare Young Student Innovator Fellowships. The fellowship offers a possibility to work at various Innovation Think Tank Labs at Siemens Healthineers where along with a monthly stipend, financial incentives are awarded based on the degree of implementation of the projects.

Submission categories for Best Student Project Award : OR of the future, 3D printing, machine learning, innovations in consumer electronics, How to improve quality of human life, Next generation IT (APPs for medical devices), Green hospitals , Scientific improvement e.g. cardio and neuro imaging, Medical devices of the future, Ideas demonstrating cost reduction in medical devices and healthcare systems, Disruptive innovation processes and methodologies, System simulators, radiology of the future, automation in automobiles sector, industry 4.0 etc.

Links to articles on IRLE 2017, IRLE 2016 Link 1 Link 2IRLE 2015


  • Bachelor or Master or Ph.D. student from any discipline at any university
  • Creative thinking and out-of-the-box perspective
  • Maximum team size: 4 members ,

* The students could also present their bachelor or master or Ph.D. thesis projects.

Submission categories for institutions and industries :

  • Present your institute / industry/ departments portfolio, offerings and participation possibilities for institutions or students.
  • Present innovative products or processes 

The submitted projects would be made public during the evaluation process and during the exhibition to various university and industry experts and students.

A joint team of FAU and Siemens Healthineers experts will select 40 finalists for exhibition.

Applications would be processed on the first come first serve principle so do not want for the deadline and contact IRL core team for any question regarding participation.

For more information, including submission guidelines, please go to: and for any clarification write to 


  • 3rd June 2018 Full project submission deadline
  • 4th -14th June 2018 Project evaluation and finalist teams selection
  • 15th June 2018 Finalists are informed
  • 20th July 2018 IRL Exhibition

Project submission in category „Best student project award“ should include:

  • Challenge / Goal of the project
  • Current state of art, how the challenge is addressed today
  • Proposed solution
  • Design (if created), description of any prototype or model or simulation (if created)
  • Benefits of the current solutions
  • No page limit and no restriction of formatting, just make PDF submission

Project submission in category institutions and industries should include:

  • Name of the institute/ company / department
  • Maximum 2 A0 size posters presenting the institute portfolio, offerings and participation possibilities
  • Name of the presenters

LinkedIn Article IRLE 2018:

IRL Homepage at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg


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