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Three Healthcare start-ups win the first edition of the Business Plan Aggregator 2016 at the EIT Health Summit

on 25. November 2016 - 0:00

Healthcare start-ups, whose innovations may some day improve or prolong our lives, competed for €70,000 in prizes and the exposure that could help them gain more investors, clients or business partners, as members of EIT Health, one of the world’s largest healthcare initiatives, gathered at the “la Caixa” Foundation, Science Museum CosmoCaixa. The prizes were given as part of the 23-24 November EIT Health Summit to review the first year of activities of EIT Health, and to share the strategy and initiatives of the coming year. It was hosted by “la Caixa” Foundation as an EIT Health partner.

Twenty innovative healthcare start-ups, which had been selected winners in competitions run by EIT Health Accelerator throughout the year across Europe, gave three-minute pitches before the 350 conference participants – to demonstrate their innovation and business potential in a contest for development funding. A jury of investors named the first, second and third-place winners in each category:

Medtech category

  • 1st. Coldplasmatech (Germany): A medical device to kill multi-resistant bacteria and treat chronic wounds.
  • 2nd. Somnox (Netherlands): A soft robot that provides an active, non-medical solution to sleep deprivation.
  • 3rd. Ally Technologies (UK): A non-wearable wellness tracker to help monitor seniors.

Biotech category

  • 1st. MammaScreen (Germany): A blood test promising earlier and more accurate breast cancer detection.
  • 2nd. Ilya Pharma (Sweden): Modified lactic acid bacteria that can accelerate healing of chronic wounds.
  • 3rd. Peptomyc (Spain): Peptides target cancerous MyC to kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Digital health category

  • 1st. Ontoforce (Belgium): A platform to simplify and improve big data searches for better healthcare.
  • 2nd. iSurgeon (Germany): Augmented reality allows for virtual “hands-on” training in non-invasive surgery.
  • 3rd. Optellum (UK): Artificial intelligence and big data allow for early lung-cancer detection.

The Audience Awards, based on voting by all conference participants went to Coldplasmatech, MammaScreen and Ontoforce.

"For sure, the Business Plan Aggregator session was one of the Summit highlights. These outstanding pitches demonstrated the DNA of our organization,” said Dr. Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation, EIT Health e.V. “You really could feel the energy in the room. The audience, including investors and future customers, got as excited as the finalists themselves." The EIT Health Summit also included panels with world leading speakers addressing key health challenges, and discussions about the future course of EIT Health.

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