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Guest Talk at the ZiMT

Dienstag, 14. Januar 2020 - 13:00 bis 14:00

Session 1: Ready to Launch

Technology transfer is a well established term which has been around for decades. From the perspective of a business school, IESE approaches the issue from the market. Starting from the perspective of what the commercial markets and customers demand, and working backwords towards what investigation and research is underway, we specialize not only in defining market fit, but also getting the product to paying customers. This leads us to the challenging question of when is a technology ready for market, and how do I know if my technology is ready?

At IESE Business School, we work with dozens of technology based startup founders every year. We know that timing is everything when bringing a new product to market, both from the technology side, as long as the market side. I will share some of our lessons and provide a framework on how to make sure you have thought the issue through before making the jump…or not making it.


ZiMT (Central Institute of Medical Engineering)
Henkestrasse 127, 91052 Erlangen

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About the Speaker:

Luca Venza

Director of Technology Innovation, Transfer & Acceleration Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centre (EIC) and Centre for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM) IESE Business School Barcelona.
Mr. Luca Venza (IESE MBA 2008) is a specialist in defining market-fit for advanced technologies across a broad industrial spectrum. For the past 5 years he has worked extensively with science backed startups and spinoffs to bring together top scientist-founders in their field, with top MBA talent worldwide. He has helped startups raise debt, equity and convertible financing from business angels, private investors, corporate venture capital and VCs. He helps recruit mixed experience management teams for new business ventures. In 2016, he founded the Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (BTTG), through which he has accelerated more than 15 companies across a spectrum of technologies, including data simulation, virtual reality, 3D printing, sensors, data transmission, drones and blockchain. In parallel, he works extensively with new healthcare technologies throughout the EIT Health network in innovation and business creation projects. Mr. Venza is an expert in creating impact driven business models and leveraging objectives to drive culture/performance within a company.

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