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Meet in Italy for Life Science, Trieste

Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2019 - 9:00 bis Freitag, 18. Oktober 2019 - 12:30

Life Sciences represent a growing and dynamic sector thanks to continuous scientific discoveries and the development of new analytical techniques and methods.

This progress has also been made possible by the introduction of new technologies for massive DNA sequencing, known as “next generation sequencing”, which enable investigation of the entire human genome to identify the genetic or molecular bases of different diseases or different individual responses to medications.

Thanks to the availability of increasing numbers of sequenced human genomes, research scientists are now able to develop novel therapeutic approaches based on precision and personalized medicine, the new frontier that combines genetic data and information on the diseases of hundreds of thousands of individuals to obtain customised treatments for the single patient.

The advantages:

  1. greater treatment efficacy
  2. shorter processing time
  3. lower costs.

New discoveries in clinical practice also concern epigenetics – the study of inherited modifications that vary genetic expression and activity, though not altering the DNA sequence, and that have been implicated in different types of disease.

Genomic analysis has also applications in nutritional research for the study of interactions between food and health, considering the individual’s molecular/genetic characteristics to identify the most appropriate diet for one’s genetic predispositions (personalised nutrition) and analysing the effect of using specific nutritional substrates in preventing disease and promoting health (nutraceutics).

Within this new framework, Life Sciences have become an essential element of innovation in the transition towards the future of medicine and health. The experimentation and technological transfer of ideas and results from research centres to industry can help translate into practice this new vision of the medical approach for the benefit of medical systems and patients.

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences aims to showcase Italian excellences in the sector and to provide an opportunity for discussing ideas with international partners. 

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