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Meet Smart Reporting - Revolutionizing clinical workflows in Radiology, Erlangen

Dienstag, 26. November 2019 - 18:30 bis 21:30

If you show the same radiological image to three different radiologists, they will write three different reports – hopefully saying the same thing. This is because 99% of the reports consist of free text nowadays. Reporting this way does not only take up a lot of time, e.g. when looking up classifications, but also differs in consistency and quality which leads to confusion on the recipient’s site. Moreover, using unstructured text makes it almost impossible to use the gathered data for other purposes, such as an AI analysis.

Smart Reporting changes that! Their efficient and structured templates enable radiologists to create standardized and guideline-conform reports rapidly. Additionally, the integrated contents from Radiology Assistant support the radiologist by providing additional information if needed instead of looking those up in a book. On top, their solution allows the implementation of cutting-edge AI algorithms to enhance the reporting functionality with Clinical Guidance. Thus, Smart Reporting positively influences the clinical workflow and report quality through the provision of structured data which can also be used for other purposes like AI analysis. After their great success in radiology, the next challenge they tackle is reporting in pathology.

Meet Smart Reporting at our StartUp-Event, where the founder and CEO Prof. Dr. Sommer will tell us about their exciting journey and give a hands-on introduction to their solution.

After the presentation, we will discuss the topic within our interdisciplinary health hacker community (physicians, caregivers, engineers, programmers, students, and hackers).

This event is part of the lecture “New technologies and methods for the future of healthcare”.

Find out more and register here. 



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